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Here you will find the Village of Chatham Ordinances and Resolution archive. Documents are arranged by category, then date. Most files will be in PDF format.

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[   ]1982 Ordinance List.pdf 48K
[   ]Ord 82-01 Adopting a Land Subdivision Plan for the Village of Chatham.pdf 49K
[   ]Ord 82-02 Adopting the Zoning Ordinance and Map of the Village.pdf 60K
[   ]Ord 82-03 Fixing and Establishing Fees under Ordinance 82-02 the Zoning Ordinance.pdf 57K
[   ]Ord 82-04 Appointing Members to the Board of Trustees of the Police Pension Fund -- Patterson, Richter.pdf 33K
[   ]Ord 82-05 Revise the Regulations and Fees for the Issuance of Building Permits.pdf111K
[   ]Ord 82-06 Authorizing Central Illinois Public Service Company, its Successors and Assigns to Construct Transmission Line.pdf162K
[   ]Ord 82-07 Appointing Members to the Zoning Board of Appeals.pdf 35K
[   ]Ord 82-08 Authorizing Settlement of Litigation.pdf211K
[   ]Ord 82-09 Authorizing Village Expenditures.pdf 31K
[   ]Ord 82-10 Amending Section 1 or Ordinance in Reference to Village Employees and Salaries -- Gleason.pdf 25K
[   ]Ord 82-11 Appointing Deloitte, Haskins,and Sells as Auditor.pdf 52K
[   ]Ord 82-12 Amending Ordinance 78-32 An Ordinance Establishing User Rates and Charges for the Sewer System.pdf 50K
[   ]Ord 82-13 Reference to Village Employees and Salaries.pdf 34K
[   ]Ord 82-14 Annual Appropriation Ordinance.pdf153K
[   ]Ord 82-15 Repealing Ordinance No 69-01.pdf 22K
[   ]Ord 82-17 Authorizing the Sale of Personal Property.pdf 36K
[   ]Ord 82-18 Purchase of Electric Materials.pdf 84K
[   ]Ord 82-19 Amending Section 1 of Ordinance in Reference to village Salaries - Campbell and Szabo.pdf 26K
[   ]Ord 82-20 Authorizing the Executio of a Sewer Agreement with J.A. Robinson and Associates.pdf 31K
[   ]Ord 82-22 amending an Ordinance Providing the Regulation and Operation of the Waterworks System.pdf110K
[   ]Ord 82-23 Authorizing the Execution of a Contract with Franklin Data Services.pdf 26K
[   ]Ord 82-24 Annual Tax Levy Ordinance.pdf137K
[   ]Ord 82-25 Amending Ordinance 73-10 Regulating Dealers in Alcoholic Liquor.pdf 35K
[   ]Ord 82-26 Contract w Ball Chatham Community Unit Schools for Police Protection.pdf111K
[   ]Ord 82-27 Prohibit the Keeping or Harboring of Certain Animals and Fowl.pdf 39K
[   ]Ord 82-28 Creating the Office of Deputy Clerk and Providing for Compensation.pdf 33K
[   ]Ord 82-29 Amending Section 1 Reference to Village Salaries -- Baulos and Brown.pdf 25K
[   ]Ord 82-30 Amend Section 4 of the Ord no 80-37.pdf 35K
[   ]Ord 82-31 Appointing Members to the Zoning Board of Appeals -- Walker.pdf 31K
[   ]Ord 82-32 Authorizing the Sale of Personal Property.pdf 39K
[   ]Ord 82-33 Authorizing the Sale of Personal Property.pdf 37K
[   ]Ord 82-34 Fixing Regular Meeting Dates for the CY 1983.pdf 25K
[   ]Ord 82-35 Contract Between the Village of Chatham and the Sanitary District.pdf 30K
[   ]Ord 82-36 Approving the Dairy Queen Application for Development.pdf 70K