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Here you will find the Village of Chatham Ordinances and Resolution archive. Documents are arranged by category, then date. Most files will be in PDF format.

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[   ]1983 Ordinance List.pdf 38K
[   ]Ord 83-01 Amend Section 4 of Ord 80-37 as Amended by Ord 82-30.pdf 31K
[   ]Ord 83-02 Compensation for Police Chief.pdf 25K
[   ]Ord 83-03 Add Subparagraph 4.1 to Paragraph B of Sec II and to Amend Sec V of Zoning Ordinance.pdf 32K
[   ]Ord 83-04 Authorize the Sale of Personal Property.pdf 36K
[   ]Ord 83-05 Amend Section 1 of Village Employees Salaries - Baulos.pdf 26K
[   ]Ord 83-06 Authorizing Village Expenditures.pdf 31K
[   ]Ord 83-07 Sale of Personal Property.pdf 36K
[   ]Ord 83-08 Execution with Central Illinois Light Company.pdf 64K
[   ]Ord 83-09 Appointing Deloitte, Haskins and Sells as Auditors.pdf 51K
[   ]Ord 83-10 Village Employees and Salaries.pdf 33K
[   ]Ord 83-11 Amend Village Employee Salaries - Hiatt, Johnson.pdf 27K
[   ]Ord 83-12 Amend Agreements w Springfield Sanitary District.pdf 69K
[   ]Ord 83-13 Amend User Rates and Charges for the Sewer System.pdf 63K
[   ]Ord 83-14 Appointing Members to Police Pension Fund -- Patterson, Wofberg.pdf 30K
[   ]Ord 83-15 Appointing Members to the Zoning Board of Appeals, Miller, Morgan and Martin.pdf 32K
[   ]Ord 83-16 Annual Appropriation Ordinance.pdf151K
[   ]Ord 83-17 Repealing Ord 83-12 Agreement w Sanitary District.pdf 70K
[   ]Ord 83-18 Amending Ordinance to Fix Meeting Dates for CY 1983.pdf 33K
[   ]Ord 83-20 Establish Village Clean Up Week.pdf 27K
[   ]Ord 83-24A Amendment of Plat to Reflect Relocation of Easement.pdf 76K
[   ]Ord 83-24 Annual Tax Levy Ordinance.pdf126K
[   ]Ord 83-27 Regarding Ordinances and Resolutions.pdf 32K
[   ]Ord 83-28 Acceptance of the Dedication of Sewers in the Second Addition to Country Valley Subdivision.pdf 88K
[   ]Ord 83-30 Fixing Regular Meeting Dates for the CY 1984.pdf 24K
[   ]Ord 83-31 Reclassifying Lots 1 and 2 of Plat 2 Butlers Second Addition to the Zoning Ordinance.pdf 64K
[   ]Ord 83-32 Approving an Intergovernmental Agreement in Law Enforcement w City of Auburn.pdf 32K