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Here you will find the Village of Chatham Ordinances and Resolution archive. Documents are arranged by category, then date. Most files will be in PDF format.

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[   ]1983 Resolution List.pdf 19K
[   ]Agreement with Sangamon County on Bridge Replacement and Walnut Street.pdf 78K
[   ]Res 01-83 Granting the American Legion use of the Chatham Village Parks.pdf 43K
[   ]Res 02-83 For Participation and Support of the Intergovernmental Law Enforement Officers In-Service Training Act.pdf 90K
[   ]Res 03-83 Granting the Chatham Jaycees use of the Village Park.pdf 47K
[   ]Res 04-83 Appointing Members of the Board of Police Commissioners.pdf 45K
[   ]Res 05-83 Appointing Members to the Village of Chatham Planning Commission.pdf 36K
[   ]Res 06-83 Approving Maintenance of Streets and Highways.pdf159K
[   ]Res 07-83 Assigning Board Members to Standing Committees.pdf100K
[   ]Res 08-83 Relocation of Spruce Street Crossing.pdf447K
[   ]Res 09-83 Relocation and Construction of Spruce St. IL Central Gulf Railway.pdf145K
[   ]Res 10-83 Observing Halloween Trick or Treating Hours.pdf 39K
[   ]Res 12-83 Rescheduling of Village Board Meeting.pdf 32K