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2021-10-04 Illinois Potable Water Supply Operators Association (IPWSOA) recently held their 89th annual conference

The in Springfield on September 15th – 17th. The IPWSOA organization consists of water operations professionals with the common goal of delivering clean, safe, potable water to residents across Illinois. Beginning in 1941, the IPWSOA has awarded an Operator of the Year to water operators who demonstrate the highest level of service, competency and dedication to their field. This year we are pleased to announce J.D. Crawford (Village of Chatham) was awarded the Operator of the Year for Distribution systems. J.D. is a leader in the water industry with over 17 years of experience in program implementation, distribution maintenance and water quality monitoring. We congratulate J.D. Crawford and the Village of Chatham for being leaders in the potable water community!