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Here you will find the Village of Chatham Ordinances and Resolution archive. Documents are arranged by category, then date. Most files will be in PDF format.

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[   ]1984 Ordinance List.pdf 34K
[   ]Ord 84-01 Reclassifying Lots 4 and 5 in Stevens Addition to the VOC.pdf 66K
[   ]Ord 84-03 Intergovernmental Cooperation for Assistance in Law Enforcement.pdf 28K
[   ]Ord 84-04 Annual Appropriation Ordinance.pdf141K
[   ]Ord 84-05 To Form a Municipal Power Agency with Other Municipalities.pdf160K
[   ]Ord 84-06 Appointing Pehlman and Dold as Auditor.pdf 55K
[   ]Ord 84-07 Acceptance of Deed and Payment for Aquisition of Real Estate.pdf 77K
[   ]Ord 84-08 Authorizing Village Expenditures.pdf 32K
[   ]Ord 84-09 Confirming Approval of Final Plat of Triangle Court.pdf 76K
[   ]Ord 84-11 Approving Electrical Plan and Authorizing Work.pdf 47K
[   ]Ord 84-12 Annual Tax Levy Ordinance.pdf117K
[   ]Ord 84-14 Granting Special Use of Section V of the Zoning Ordinance.pdf 36K
[   ]Ord 84-15 Acceptance of Deed and Payment for Real Estate.pdf 60K
[   ]Ord 84-16 Contract w AT&T for Purchase of Computer Equipment.pdf 37K
[   ]Ord 84-17 Contract w Ball Chatham School District for Police Protection.pdf107K
[   ]Ord 84-18 Village Employees Salaries.pdf 34K
[   ]Ord 84-19 Contribution to Employees Health Insurance.pdf 54K
[   ]Ord 84-20 Fixing Regular Board Meeting Dates for the CY 1985.pdf 24K