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Here you will find the Village of Chatham Ordinances and Resolution archive. Documents are arranged by category, then date. Most files will be in PDF format.

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[   ]1978 Resolution List.pdf 29K
[   ]Res 01-78 In Reference to the Regular Board meeting of the Board of Trustees Scheduled for April 11 and Changing the said date.pdf 41K
[   ]Res 01A-78 Proclaiming the Week of April 2-8 as the Week of the Young Child in Chatham.pdf 77K
[   ]Res 02-78 For an Intergovernmental Greement with the IL Municipal Utility Association.pdf 34K
[   ]Res 03-78 Approving the Development of Quail Meadows Subdivision.pdf 92K
[   ]Res 04-78 Approving the Development of Quail Meadows.pdf 62K
[   ]Res 05-78 Agreement with the Springifleld and Sangamon County Community Action.pdf108K
[   ]Res 06-78 To Give Certain Emergency Powers to the Mayor in the Event of a Civil Emergency.pdf 50K
[   ]Res 07-78 Recognizing the VFW Post 4763.pdf 42K
[   ]Res 08-78 In Reference to Zoning Board of Appeals.pdf 32K
[   ]Res 09-78 In Reference to Village Bank Accounts.pdf 56K
[   ]Res 10-78 Appointing Members to the VOC Planning Commission.pdf 56K
[   ]Res 11-78 Re-scheduling the Village Board Meeting.pdf 32K
[   ]Res 12-78 Commending the Illinois Association of Cummunity Action Agencies.pdf 54K
[   ]Res 13-78 Granting the Chatham Soccer Club use of the Chatham Village Park.pdf 71K
[   ]Res 14-78 Granting the Chatham Jaycees use of the Chatham Village Parks.pdf 51K
[   ]Res 15-78 Granting Use of the Village Parks to the American Legion.pdf 62K
[   ]Res 16-78 Granting the use of the Village Park to Joe Wilson.pdf 40K
[   ]Res 17-78 In Observance of Halloween Trick or Treating Hours.pdf 49K
[   ]Res 18-78 To Construct and Maintain Sanitary Sewer Crossings on Polecat Creek.pdf 51K
[   ]Res 19-78 For Improvement by Municipality Under the IL Highway Code.pdf163K
[   ]Res 20-78 Combining the Waterworks and Sewerage System of the Village.pdf270K