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Here you will find the Village of Chatham Ordinances and Resolution archive. Documents are arranged by category, then date. Most files will be in PDF format.

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[   ]1989 Resolution List.pdf 29K
[   ]Proclamation for Concert of Prayer Week April 29 - May 5.pdf 71K
[   ]Proclamation observing October 24th as United Nations Day for Village of Chatham.pdf 32K
[   ]Proclamation of Municipal Clerk's Week as May 6 - 12.pdf 50K
[   ]Res 01-89 Granting Chatham Jaycees Use of Village Park.pdf 75K
[   ]Res 02-89 To Preserve Tax-Exempt Bonds for State & Local Governments.pdf 43K
[   ]Res 03-89 Granting the American Legion Use of the Chatham Village Park.pdf 76K
[   ]Res 04-89 Appointing Members of the Board of Police Commissioners.pdf 42K
[   ]Res 05-89 With Regard to Improvement of Gordon Drive.pdf113K
[   ]Res 06-89 Appointing New Trustee to the Village Board - Terry Burke.pdf125K
[   ]Res 07-89 In Reference to Village Bank Accounts.pdf 49K
[   ]Res 08-89 Approving Part-Time Summer Help.pdf 35K
[   ]Res 09-89 Approving additional Full Time Help - Mechanic.pdf 34K
[   ]Res 10-89 Appointing Members to Committees.pdf 45K
[   ]Res 11-89 Appointing Members of the Police Pension Board.pdf 41K
[   ]Res 13-89 Creating a Chatham Day.pdf 46K
[   ]Res 14-89 Honoring Illinois' Secretary of the Year Ms. Janice Nobbe.pdf174K
[   ]Res 15-89 Supporting the American Legion Homecoming Parade.pdf 79K
[   ]Res 16-89 Creating a Village Human Services Committee.pdf 73K
[   ]Res 17-89 Appointing the Building and Zoning Officer of the Village of Chatham.pdf 60K
[   ]Res 18-89 Creating a Village Restoration and Beautification Committee.pdf 66K
[   ]Res 19-89 To Opose HR 1761 Which Would Place New Restrictions Upon Tax-Exempt Bonds for State and Local Governments.pdf 37K
[   ]Res 20-89 Appointing Members to the Village of Chatham Planning Commission.pdf 38K
[   ]Res 21-89 Referring the Zoning of the Carramusa Land for Amendment to the Chatham Zoning Board of Appeals.pdf 52K
[   ]Res 22-89 Commending Larry Petit, Post Chair of the Chatham Recreation Board.pdf 44K
[   ]Res 23-89 Commending Lee Winston, Retiring Chair of the Chatham Recreation Board.pdf 48K
[   ]Res 24-89 Commending the 1989 National Khoury League Softball Champions, Sophomore D Division Prairie International Trucks.pdf 58K
[   ]Res 26-89 Proclaiming Women of Today Week, September 24-30, 1989.pdf 58K
[   ]Res 27-89 Authorizing Purchase of Equipment.pdf109K
[   ]Res 28-89 Proclaiming Voice of Democracy Week October 15-21, 1989.pdf 47K
[   ]Res 29-89 Initiating an Emergency Services and Disaster Plan.pdf 36K
[   ]Res 30-89 In Observance of Halloween Trick or Treating Hours.pdf 42K
[   ]Res 31-89 Initiating an Emergency Services and Disaster Plan.pdf 42K
[   ]Res 32-89 Appointing a Village Treasurer.pdf 78K
[   ]Res 33-89 Honoring Todd William George Brewer.pdf 29K
[   ]Res 34-89 In Support of the Chatham Jr. Women's Club Christmas Parade.pdf 98K
[   ]Resolution Doc-3 Resolution Adopted by the Village of Chatham Phase I Chatham Park Development.pdf171K