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Here you will find the Village of Chatham Ordinances and Resolution archive. Documents are arranged by category, then date. Most files will be in PDF format.

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[   ]Res 01-16 Warrants 01122016.pdf8.4M
[   ]Res 02-16 Warrants 01262016.pdf2.8M
[   ]Res 03-16 Approving a Reduction in Security For Public Infrastructure Improvements in the Hurstbourne 7th Addition Subdivision.pdf760K
[   ]Res 04-16 Confirming the Appointment of Todd Missel to the Village Planning Commission.pdf465K
[   ]Res 05-16 Confirming the Appointment of Stephanie Hoover to the Public Properties and Recreation Commission.pdf475K
[   ]Res 06-16 Warrants 02092016.pdf2.6M
[   ]Res 07-16 Warrants 02232016.pdf1.7M
[   ]Res 08-16 Approving a Reduction in Security for Public Infrastructure Improvements for Breckenridge Manor Plats 1, 2, and 3.pdf652K
[   ]Res 10-16 Confirming the Selection of Crawford, Murphy and Tilly as the Engineering Firm for the Village of Chatham.pdf2.5M
[   ]Res 11-16 Confirming the Appointment of Grant Holloway to the Public Properties and Recreation Commission.pdf605K
[   ]Res 12-16 Warrants 03082016.pdf2.4M
[   ]Res 13-16 Warrants 03222016.pdf2.5M
[   ]Res 14-16 Warrants 04122016.pdf3.1M
[   ]Res 15-16 Confirming the Appointment of Ruth Bottrell to teh South Sangamon Water Commission.pdf587K
[   ]Res 16-16 Warrants 04262016.pdf2.7M
[   ]Res 17-16 Confirming the Appointment of Chris Parks to the Police Pension Board for the Village of Chatham.pdf417K
[   ]Res 18-16 Confirming the Appointment of Vernon Foli as the Police Chief for the Village of Chatham.pdf465K
[   ]Res 19-16 Warrants 05102016.pdf4.4M
[   ]Res 20-16 Warrants 05242016.pdf2.1M
[   ]Res 21-16 Confirming the Appointment of Terry Fountain as a Village Trustee for the Village of Chatham.pdf495K
[   ]Res 22-16 Establishing the Sewer Rates for the Village of Chatham as of August 1, 2016.pdf465K
[   ]Res 23-16 Establishing a Temporary Supplemental Flushing Fee on Village Customer Water Bills for the Village's Flushing Program.pdf536K
[   ]Res 24-16 Confirming the Appointment of Nancy Daugherty to the Planning Commission for the Village of Chatham.pdf454K
[   ]Res 25-16 Confirming the Appointment of Dave Johnson to the Planning Commission for the Village of Chatham.pdf447K
[   ]Res 26-16 Confirming the Appointment of Sarah Albracht to the Zoning Board of Appeals for the Village of Chatham.pdf436K
[   ]Res 27-16 Confirming the Appointment of Anthony Tolliver to the Zoning Board of Appeals for the Village of Chatham.pdf445K
[   ]Res 28-16 Warrants 06172016.pdf4.5M
[   ]Res 29-16 Warrants 06282016.pdf2.6M
[   ]Res 31-16 Granting the Friends of the Park Use of the Chatham Community Park for Light Up the Park.pdf276K
[   ]Res 32-16 Warrants 07122016.pdf847K
[   ]Res 33-16 Approving an Intergovernmental Coop Agreement for Animal Control Services.pdf783K
[   ]Res 34-16 Warrants 07262016.pdf3.1M
[   ]Res 35-16 Approving Warrants for August 9, 2016.pdf874K
[   ]Res 36-16 Confirming the Appointment of Lee Bloome to the South Sang Water Commision.pdf 90K
[   ]Res 37-16 Granting the Chatham Jaycees Use of Village Square for Oktoberfest.pdf111K
[   ]Res 38-16 Warrants 0823201610212016095751.pdf2.7M
[   ]Res 39-16 Warrants 0913201610212016095912.pdf4.7M
[   ]Res 40-16 Warrants 0927201610212016100022.pdf2.5M
[   ]Res 41-16 Appointing Chuck Hunt to Police Pension Board10212016100141.pdf387K
[   ]Res 42-16 Supporting the Playground and Park in Fox Creek10212016100230.pdf452K
[   ]Res 43-16 Approving Warrants for 1011201610282016073139.pdf2.1M
[   ]Res 44-16 Warrants 10252016.pdf2.7M
[   ]Res 45-16 Establishing an Ad Hoc Committee to Develop a Transition Plan for ADA.pdf2.0M
[   ]Res 46-16 Warrants 1108201611102016075735.pdf3.9M
[   ]Res 47-16 Approving the Woodland Trail Maintenance Agreement with the City of Springfield.pdf2.3M
[   ]Res 48-16 Warrants 1122201612152016084836.pdf4.6M
[   ]Res 49-16 Approving the Preliminary Plan Highlands Subdivision12152016084937.pdf457K
[   ]Res 50-16 Appointing Terry Woods to Police Commission Board12152016085035.pdf415K
[   ]Res 51-16 Creating an Ad Hoc Ethics Committee12152016085142.pdf417K
[   ]Res 52-16 Warrants 1213201612152016085330.pdf4.4M
[   ]Res 53-16 Abating the Direct Annual Real Estate Tax for 201612152016085428.pdf763K
[   ]Res 54-16 Appointing Two Trustees to the ADA Transition Plan12152016085532.pdf458K
[   ]Res 55-16 Appointing Ryan Vaughn Chairman of the Zoning Board12152016085631.pdf452K
[   ]Res 56-16 Warrants 1227201612302016151122.pdf2.1M
[   ]Res 57-16 Censuring Village President Tom Gray12302016150852.pdf346K
[   ]Res 58-16 Appointing Rick Funderburg to the Planning Commission12302016150556.pdf428K
[   ]Res 59-16 Appointing 3 citizens to the ADA Transition Plan Comm12302016150454.pdf443K