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Here you will find the Village of Chatham Ordinances and Resolution archive. Documents are arranged by category, then date. Most files will be in PDF format.

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[   ]2013 Ordinances Index.pdf 85K
[   ]Ord 13-01 Amending Section 150.28 (A) of the Chatham Code of Ordinances, Pertaining to Building Inspections.pdf478K
[   ]Ord 13-02 Accepting a Bid for Painting the Interior of the Water Tank.pdf1.5M
[   ]Ord 13-03 Approving the Final Plat of Subdivision of Wellington Estates, Plat 5.pdf1.4M
[   ]Ord 13-04 Approving the Engagement of Sikich LLP For Audit Services for Fiscal Year 2013.pdf291K
[   ]Ord 13-05 Approving the Sale of Personal Property VIA E-Bay.pdf361K
[   ]Ord 13-06 Approving a Loan Transaction with Illinois National Bank.pdf404K
[   ]Ord 13-07 Transferring Appropriation Authority Between Line Items and Supplemental Appropriations for the Fiscal Year Commencing May 1, 2012.pdf1.0M
[   ]Ord 13-08 Approving an Annexation Agreement with Moughan Development (Ironbridge Estates).pdf4.9M
[   ]Ord 13-09 Annexing Certain Land to the Village of Chatham, Zoning it R-1 and Granting Variances (Ironbridge Estates).pdf1.4M
[   ]Ord 13-10 Making Appropriations for the Corporate Purposes for the FY Commencing May 1, 2013.pdf1.2M
[   ]Ord 13-11 Approving a Preliminary Plan for Ironbridge Estates Subdivision.pdf325K
[   ]Ord 13-12 Approving an Agreement with Springfield Sangamon County Regional Plan Commission for the Transportation Planning Agreement.pdf847K
[   ]Ord 13-13 Amending the Number of Liquor Licenses to be Issued by the Village of Chatham.pdf485K
[   ]Ord 13-14 Accepting a Bid for a Zero Turn Mower.pdf288K
[   ]Ord 13-15 Accepting a Bid for Fireworks.pdf289K
[   ]Ord 13-16 Establishing Standing Committees of the Village Board .pdf925K
[   ]Ord 13-17 Accepting Bid for Tennis Court Overlay.pdf814K
[   ]Ord 13-18 Accepting a Bid for A Street Sweeper.pdf313K
[   ]Ord 13-19 Updating the Village of Chatham Building and Property Maintenance Regulations and Amending Appendix A to Chapter 150.pdf1.9M
[   ]Ord 13-20 Accepting the Conveyance of Public Utility Improvements for Avenel Subdivision, Plat 1.pdf1.5M
[   ]Ord 13-21 Accepting the Conveyance of Public Utility Improvements for the Willows Subdivision, Plats 1-5.pdf831K
[   ]Ord 13-22 Approving a Lease Purchase Agreement with United Community Bank - Street Sweeper.pdf308K
[   ]Ord 13-23 Accepting the Conveyance of Public Utility Improvements for Oakbrook Estates Subdivision, Plats 1 - 11 and 14.pdf781K
[   ]Ord 13-24 Accepting a Quote for the Purchase of a Zero Turn Mower.pdf258K
[   ]Ord 13-25 In Reference to Salaries of Village Employees.pdf232K
[   ]Ord 13-27 Approving an Intergovernmental Agreement with the Villages of New Berlin and Chatham Relating to an Operating Loan for the Commission.pdf1.2M
[   ]Ord 13-28 Approving Agreements with Chatham Baseball & Softball Incorporated and Chatham Community Football League, Inc..pdf1.8M
[   ]Ord 13-29 Fixing Rates and Charges for Water Furnished By the Waterworks System and Amending The Village of Chatham Code.pdf609K
[   ]Ord 13-30 Approving the Sale of Personal Property VIA E-Bay.pdf238K
[   ]Ord 13-31 Approving the Purchase of an Arial Truck for the Electric Department.pdf552K
[   ]Ord 13-32 Approving a Bid for Substation Equipment.pdf473K
[   ]Ord 13-33 Pertaining to the International Residential Code-One and Two Family Dwellings.pdf743K
[   ]Ord 13-34 Accepting a Bid for Leaf Bags.pdf430K
[   ]Ord 13-35 Terminating a Consulting Agreement - McAnarney.pdf442K
[   ]Ord 13-36 Creating an Additional Package Liquor License and Amending Section 111.17(L) of the Chatham Code of Ordinances.pdf693K
[   ]Ord 13-37 Accepting a Quote for Roll-off Containers for the Village Cleanup.pdf845K
[   ]Ord 13-38 Amending Section 35.056 of the Chatham Code of Ordinances, Pertaining to Compensation for Non-Bargaining Unit Employees.pdf467K
[   ]Ord 13-39 Approving a Proposal to Sell Trucks for Salvage.pdf384K
[   ]Ord 13-40 Approving an Amendment to an Intergovernmental Agreement regarding the Comptroller's Local Debt Recovery Program.pdf1.1M
[   ]Ord 13-41 Approving a Contract with HPR Marketing and Consulting Group.pdf1.3M
[   ]Ord 13-42 Amending the Personnel Code.pdf1.0M
[   ]Ord 13-43 Approving a Letter of Engagement - Thomas C. Pavlik, Jr..pdf1.4M
[   ]Ord 13-44 Authorizing the Execution of the IMLRMA Minimum Masimum Contribution Agreement.pdf570K
[   ]Ord 13-45 Approving the Redivision of Lot 243, Oakbrook Estates Plat 8, and Granting Zoning Variances and Accepting a Street (School House Lane).pdf724K
[   ]Ord 13-46 Approving Certain Tract Surveys, Granting Zoning Variances, and Accepting a Street (Hawthorn Court).pdf1.9M
[   ]Ord 13-47 Authorizing an Intergovernmental Agreement with Ball Chatham Community Unit District No. 5 for Security at the Glenwood Complex.pdf579K
[   ]Ord 13-48 In Reference to Village Employment.pdf218K
[   ]Ord 13-49 Pertaining to Parks and Amending Chapter 94 of the Village of Chatham Code of Ordinances.pdf1.7M
[   ]Ord 13-50 Authorizing the President to Execute Agreement for Assignment of Responsibility for Complying with NERC Reliability Standards with IMEA.pdf753K
[   ]Ord 13-51 Levying Taxes for all Corporate Purposes for the Village of Chatham, Sangamon County, IL for the FY Commencing on May 1, 2013.pdf1.5M
[   ]Ord 13-52 Suspending Operation and Enforcement of Section R501.3 of International Residential Code - One and Two Family Buildings, 2012 Edition.pdf744K
[   ]Ord 13-53 Approving an Intergovernmental Agreement with Chatham Township.pdf604K
[   ]Ord 13-54 Scheduling Regular Village Baord Meeting Dates for Calendar Year 2014.pdf458K