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Commissions & Boards

Board of Fire and Police Commissioners

WHEREAS, the Village Code, Section 32.42, provides the Village President, with the consent of the Board of Trustees, shall appoint the members of the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners to serve for a term of three years and until their respective successors are appointed and have qualified;

Current Commissioners are:

Diane Vander Kooy term expires May 1, 2027

Jared Koester term expires April 30, 2025

Terry Wood term expires April 30, 2026

Planning Commission

   1.   The membership of the Planning Commission shall consist of nine members.
   2.   Any resident of voting age of the Village of Chatham or resident of unincorporated Sangamon County with 1½ miles of Chatham shall be eligible to participate as a member of the Planning Commission. The President may accept recommendations for member to the Planning Commission from any citizen within the Village of Chatham.
   3.   Members to the Planning Commission shall be appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Village Board of Trustees. Such appointments shall be made...

Public Properties & Recreation Commission

The Commission shall consist of 7 Commissioners. Commissioners shall be appointed by the President of the Village with the advice and consent of the Board of Trustees. All Commissioners shall be residents of the village and shall meet all qualifications for appointive office as established by the Illinois Municipal Code. Commissioners shall serve without compensation.

Terms of Commissioners

Four Commissioners shall be appointed to serve a two-year term, with the first terms ending April 30, 2019 and three Commissioners...

Zoning Board of Appeals

(A)   Creation.  A Zoning Board of Appeals is hereby created for the village.  The Board of Appeals, shall consist of seven members who shall serve for a term of five years, provided that the members first appointed after the enactment of this chapter shall serve terms as follows:  One shall serve a term of one year; one for two years; one for three years; one for four years; one for five years; one for six years; and one for seven years; the successor to each member so appointed to serve a term of five years.  One of the members so appointed shall be named as Chairman at the time of his...