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Utility Bill Format

The new utility bill format as shown in the following illustration has been designed to be easier to read and provide customers with more information about their utility charges. Along with the new bill format customers have been assigned a new account number.

  1. Account Number New account number, this new account number must be used for your payment to be processed and properly credited to your account. In the future when online access becomes available this number will be used to access your utility account and for you to process online utility bill payments.
  2. Meter Reading Section Actual meter reading dates and consumption.
  3. Total Due Total amount due, includes any balances not paid on previous bills.
  4. Due Date Pay the amount due by this date to avoid a penalty.
  5. Account Summary Summary of account transactions.
  6. Use History History for Electric and or Water service for previous twelve periods.
  7. Message Center Important messages from the Village of Chatham.