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Here you will find the Village of Chatham Ordinances and Resolution archive. Documents are arranged by category, then date. Most files will be in PDF format.

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[   ]Ord 85-15M Appointing Members to the Planning Commission.pdf 24K
[   ]Ord 85-18M Fixing Regualr Meeting Dates for the CY 1986.pdf 26K
[   ]Ord 85-03M Compensation for the Chief of Police.pdf 28K
[   ]Ord 85-17M Appointing Members to the Zoning Board of Appeals - Fahs, Burris.pdf 28K
[   ]Ord 85-01M Village Attorney Sorling, Northrup, Hanna, Cullen and Cochran.pdf 29K
[   ]Ord 85-10M Appoint Members to the Zoning Board of Appeals - Fahs, Dodson, Gathard, Flemings, Burkett, Owen, Burris.pdf 29K
[   ]Ord 85-06 Authorizing Village Expenditures.pdf 31K
[   ]1985 Ordinance List.pdf 33K
[   ]Ord 85-12M Reference to Village Employees Salaries.pdf 35K
[   ]Ord 85-04M Grant Special Use of the Regulations of Zoning Ordinance.pdf 39K
[   ]Ord 85-09M Reference to Village Employees Salaries.pdf 41K
[   ]Ord 85-06M Appointing Pehlman and Dold as Auditor.pdf 49K
[   ]Ord 85-14M Classifying Electric Department Employees.pdf 50K
[   ]Ord 85-02M Position and Compensation for Computer Operator and Office Superintendent - McGuire.pdf 59K
[   ]Ord 85-04 Installation of a New Sewer System.pdf 64K
[   ]Ord 85-16M Terminating the Contract w CILCO to Furnish Electric.pdf 70K
[   ]Ord 85-03 Encroachment on Public Right of Way.pdf 73K
[   ]Ord 85-13M Execution of a Contract w Ball Chatham School District for Police Protection.pdf112K
[   ]Ord 85-11M Annual Tax Levy Ordinance.pdf119K
[   ]Ord 85-07M Annual Appropriation Ordinance.pdf134K
[   ]Ord 85-02 Establish Positions of Shift Commander of the Police Dept.pdf170K
[   ]Ord 85-01 Contract w Springfield Sanitary Distric.pdf174K
[   ]Ord 85-19M Revises the Rates and Charges for the Use and Service of Electric Current.pdf363K