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Here you will find the Village of Chatham Ordinances and Resolution archive. Documents are arranged by category, then date. Most files will be in PDF format.

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[   ]Res 01-18 Warrants 01092018.pdf3.5M
[   ]Res 02-18 Warrants 01232018.pdf2.8M
[   ]Res 03-18 Approving an Agreement with Sundown One for Multi-Media Upgrades to the Village Hall Boardroom.pdf1.5M
[   ]Res 04-18 Confirming the Appointment of Diane Vanderkooy to the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners for the Village of Chatham.pdf422K
[   ]Res 05-18 Authorizing the Village Manager to Enter into an Intergovernmental Agreement with Ball Chatham Unit School District # 5 Regarding Police Services.pdf877K
[   ]Res 06-18 Warrants 02032018.pdf5.1M
[   ]Res 07-18 Warrants 02272018.pdf1.9M
[   ]Res 08-18 Granting the Use of the Village Square for Paint the Town Red.pdf336K
[   ]Res 10-18 Warrants 0313201803152018095101.pdf4.2M
[   ]Res 11-18 Approving an Outdoor Street Permit for a Portion of Mulberry Street on March 17, 2018.pdf1.5M
[   ]Res 12-18 Dissolving the Utility Oversight Subcommittee.pdf424K
[   ]Res 13-18 Warrants 0327201803302018074001.pdf2.8M
[   ]Res 14-18 Confirming the Re-Appointment of Chris Parks to the Police Pension Board for the Village of Chatham.pdf359K
[   ]Res 15-18 Establishing the Utility Oversight Subcommittee of the Village Board and Appointing Three Trustees & Two Public Members to Serve on Same.pdf593K
[   ]Res 16-18 Approving a CMT Work Order for the Plummer Boulevard Underpass Repair Project.pdf1.8M
[   ]Res 17-18 Supporting an ST-U Funding Application for the East Walnut Street Roadway Improvements.pdf419K
[   ]Res 18-18 Establishing the Water Rates for the Village of Chatham.pdf520K
[   ]Res 19-18 Warrants 0410201804112018095940.pdf4.2M
[   ]Res 20-18 Warrants 04242018.pdf3.3M
[   ]Res 21-18 For Maintenance Under the IL Highway Code.pdf1.6M
[   ]Res 22-18 Warrants 05082018.pdf3.8M
[   ]Res 23-18 Establishing the Water Rates for the Village of Chatham.pdf524K
[   ]Res 24-18 Warrants 05222018.pdf2.7M
[   ]Res 25-18 Warrants 06-12-2018.pdf5.4M
[   ]Res 26-18 Recognizing the Achievements of Ava Gorrie, State Champion 1600 Meters.pdf378K
[   ]Res 27-18 Recognizing the Achievements of Drew Verenski, State Champion 800 Meters.pdf380K
[   ]Res 28-18 Approving a CM & T Work Order for the Park Street Repair Project and Construction Observation of Said Project.pdf2.4M
[   ]Res 29-18 Approving the Bluecross Blueshield of Illinois Renewal Effective July 1 2018.pdf1.0M
[   ]Res 30-18 Approving a Municipal Utility Easement Agreement between the Village of Chatham and the Greater Springfield Hindu Temple.pdf4.7M
[   ]Res 31-18 Warrants 06262018.pdf2.5M
[   ]Res 32-18 Approving Revised Planning Year 2019 Transportation Planning Agreement.pdf1.2M
[   ]Res 34-18 Warrants 0720201807112018072607.pdf4.1M
[   ]Res 35-18 Establishing Electric Rates for the Village of Chatham as of September 1, 2018.pdf1.2M
[   ]Res 36-18 Approving a Collective Bargaining Agreement Between the village of Chatham and the international Union of Operating Engineers Local 965.pdf 12M
[   ]Res 37-18 Warrants July 24 2018.pdf2.7M
[   ]Res 38-18 Approving Trenton N. Thompson as the Director of The Chatham Emergency Management Agency CEMA.pdf409K
[   ]Res 39-18 Warrants 0814201808152018153131.pdf5.1M
[   ]Res 40-18 Warrants 0828201808292018092250.pdf2.4M
[   ]Res 41-18 Warrants 09112018.pdf4.2M
[   ]Res 42-18 Confirming the Appointment of Andrew Detmers as a Village Trustee for the Village of Chatham.pdf574K
[   ]Res 43-18 Confirming the Re-appointment of Diane Vanderkooy to the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners for the Village of Chatham.pdf414K
[   ]Res 44-18 Confirming the Re-Appointment of Richard Funderburg, to the Planning Commission for the Village of Chatham.pdf384K
[   ]Res 45-18 Confirming the Appointment of Joseph Bolletta, to the Planning Commission for the Village of Chatham.pdf385K
[   ]Res 46-18 For Maintenance Under the IL Highway Code -Park Avenue.pdf5.4M
[   ]Res 47-18 Rejecting the Bids for the Village Tree Trimming Services.pdf414K
[   ]Res 48-18 Warrants 09252018.pdf2.3M
[   ]Res 49-18 Confirming the Appointment of Jason Ground to the Planning Commission for the Village of Chatham.pdf381K
[   ]Res 50-18 Warrants 1009201810112018095556.pdf3.9M
[   ]Res 51-18 Confirming the Reappointment of Brian Stenke to the Zoning Board of Appeals for the Village of Chatham.pdf373K
[   ]Res 52-18 Trick or Treating Hours10112018095756.pdf166K
[   ]Res 53-18 Warrants 10232018.pdf2.9M
[   ]Res 54-18 Warrants 1113201811142018073939.pdf5.3M
[   ]Res 55-18 Recognizing the Achievements of the Glenwood High School Boys Cross Country Team, 2018 IHSA Class 2A State Champions.pdf415K
[   ]Res 56-18 Granting the Friends of the Park Use of the Chatham Community Park for Light Up the Park.pdf206K
[   ]Res 57-18 Warrants 11272018.pdf2.5M
[   ]Res 58-18 Approving the Illinois Counties Ristk Management Trust Insurance Program Renewal.pdf874K
[   ]Res 59-18 Approving a CM&T Work Order for the Ground Work Improvements & Recoating Construction.pdf878K
[   ]Res 60-18 Warrants 12112018.pdf3.8M
[   ]Res 61-18 Abating the Direct Annual Real Estate Tax in the Amount of $348236.00 for the Year 2018 Levied Pursuant to Ord 14-04.pdf716K
[   ]Res 62-18 Warrants 12262018.pdf720K