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Here you will find the Village of Chatham Ordinances and Resolution archive. Documents are arranged by category, then date. Most files will be in PDF format.

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[   ]Ord 19-01 Approving an Amendment to the Village Code Appendix on Cross-Control Regulations.pdf4.9M
[   ]Ord 19-03 Authorizing the Purchase of a 2019 Ford Police Interceptor Sedan AWD.pdf630K
[   ]Ord 19-04 Authorizing the Purchase of a 2019 Ford Utility (SUV) for the Police Department.pdf696K
[   ]Ord 19-05 Approving a Lease Purchase Agreement with United Community Bank for the Capital Lease Financing of a Police Vehicle.pdf948K
[   ]Ord 19-06 Modifying the Number of R2 Liquor Licenses within the Village.pdf597K
[   ]Ord 19-07 Amending the Village Code on the Residency Requirements for Liquor License Holders.pdf680K
[   ]Ord 19-08 Authorizing a Contract with All Weather Courts for the Conversion of Three Tennis Courts into Eight Pickle Ball Courts.pdf1.7M
[   ]Ord 19-09 Authorizing a Contract with Massie and Massie Associates for the Chatham Parks Master Plan Update 2019.pdf3.2M
[   ]Ord 19-10 Approving the Final Plat of Glendale Subdivision 4th Addition.pdf 11M
[   ]Ord 19-11 Approving a Water Main Easement with the Hindu Temple of Greater Springfield.pdf3.5M
[   ]Ord 19-13 Authorizing Village Expenditures Pending Adoption of Annual Appropriation Ordinance.pdf574K
[   ]Ord 19-14 Prohibiting the Use of Groundwater as a Potable Water Supply by the Installation or Use of Potable Water Supply Wells or by Any other Method.pdf1.6M
[   ]Ord 19-15 Amending the Provisions on Alcoholic Beverages to Modify and Add a Third R-2G License within the Village.pdf620K
[   ]Ord 19-16 Amending the Village Code Regarding the Village Green_001.pdf5.8M
[   ]Ord 19-17 Making Appropriations for all Corporate Purposes for the FY Commencing on May 1, 2019 and ending April 30, 2020.pdf1.5M
[   ]Ord 19-18 Amending the Provisions on Alcoholic Beverages to Authorize the Liquor Commissioner to Issue Limited Extension of Hour Permits.pdf753K
[   ]Ord 19-19 Approving a Lease Agreement with Martin Equipment for the Lease of a Mini Excavator.pdf2.8M
[   ]Ord 19-20 Naming the Baseball Field Concession Stand in the Village of Chatham's Community Park Ted Koester Pavilion.pdf635K
[   ]Ord 19-21 Authorizing the Purchase of a 2019 Ford Police Interceptor (SUV) for the Police Department.pdf694K
[   ]Ord 19-22 Establishing the Salaries for the Village Manager and Chief of Police.pdf643K
[   ]Ord 19-23 Approving the Purchase of Two Zero Grade Turn Mowers from Springfield Mowers.pdf1.6M
[   ]Ord 19-24 Amending the Fees and Charges for Certain Services_001.pdf1.2M
[   ]Ord 19-25 Approving a Partial Plat of Easement Vacation at Northpointe Subdivision, First Addition.pdf1.3M
[   ]Ord 19-26 Approving a Lease Purchase Agreement for the Capital Lease Financing of a Digger Derrick Truck.pdf1.0M
[   ]Ord 19-27 Approving the Purchase of a Digger Derrick from ALTEC_001.pdf582K
[   ]Ord 19-28 Approving a Lease Purchase Agreement for the Capital Lease Financing of a Street Sweeper.pdf1.0M
[   ]Ord 19-29 Approving the Purchase of a Street Sweeper from Key Equipment & Supply and a Turn Key Maintenance Agreement.pdf3.3M
[   ]Ord 19-30 Amending Title XI of the Village Code by Adding a New Chapter 119 Prohibiting Cannabis Business Establishments.pdf1.5M
[   ]Ord 19-31 Adopting the Employee Manual for the Village of Chatham Revised October 22, 2019.pdf 30M
[   ]Ord 19-32 Annexing Certain Property to the Village of Chatham- Z_001.pdf4.3M
[   ]Ord 19-33 Amending the Village of Chatham Code of Ordinances XI Chapter 110-Business Licenses pertaining to Massage Establishiments and Massage Services.pdf5.6M
[   ]Ord 19-34 Amending Title III of the Village Code Establishing Certain Meeting Procedures.pdf2.0M
[   ]Ord 19-35 Setting Village Board Meeting Dates for Calendar Year 2020.pdf1.0M
[   ]Ord 19-37 Amending the Villages Outstanding General Obligation Refunding Bonds Series 2014 to Reduce the Interest Rates on Said Bonds and Amending Ord 14-04.pdf4.2M
[   ]Ord 19-38 Approving a Settlement Agreement with Citizens Equity First Credit Union (CEFCU)_001.pdf1.9M
[   ]Ord 19-39 Amending Title XIII of the Village Code Regarding Cannabis & Drug Paraphernalia Violations_001.pdf3.0M