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Here you will find the Village of Chatham Ordinances and Resolution archive. Documents are arranged by category, then date. Most files will be in PDF format.

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[   ]1977 Resolution List.pdf 37K
[   ]Res 01-77 In Observance of Halloween Trick or Treating Hours.pdf 52K
[   ]Res 02-77 To Annex and Designate a Zoning Category for Real Estate.pdf 69K
[   ]Res 03-77 Appointing Members to the Village of Chatham Planning Commission.pdf 80K
[   ]Res 04-77 In Reference to Zoning Board of Appeals - Garland Kingery.pdf 68K
[   ]Res 05-77 In Reference to Meetings of the Board of Truestees.pdf 47K
[   ]Res 06-77 An Agreement with the State of Illinois for the Improvment of IL Route 4.pdf 56K
[   ]Res 07-77 In Reference to Signatories to Village Bank Accounts.pdf 44K
[   ]Res 08-77 In Reference to the Use of the Chatham Village Park by Certain Specified Individuals.pdf 46K
[   ]Res 09-77 To Locate, Construct and Maintain a Copper Service.pdf147K
[   ]Res 10-77 A Request for Bid on Group Health and Life Insurance.pdf207K
[   ]Res 11-77 In Reference to Village Bank Accounts.pdf 70K
[   ]Res 12-77 In Reference to Contracting for the Establishment and Implementation of an Accounting and Record Keeping System for the Village of Chatham.pdf 65K
[   ]RES13-~1.PDF 52K
[   ]Res 14-77 In Reference to the Acceptance of Bids for the Construction of Roadway Improvements on Village Roadways as Provided in the State of IL.pdf 65K
[   ]Res 15-77 An Agreement with the State of Illinois for the Improvement of IL Route 4.pdf 39K
[   ]Res 16-77 Accepting the Resignation of Troy McNutt from the Village Board.pdf 54K
[   ]Res 17-77 Re-scheduling the Village Board Meeting.pdf 43K
[   ]Res 18-77 Accepting the Resignation of Kathleen A. Oglesby as Village Clerk.pdf111K
[   ]Res 19-77 In Reference to Village Bank Accounts.pdf 80K
[   ]Res 20-77 Recognizing Police Officer James L. Mayes.pdf130K
[   ]Res 21-77 Recognizing Resident John Kessinger.pdf112K
[   ]Wheatly and Miller Electric Rate Case.pdf1.8M