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2023-04-20 Nominations being accepted for the naming of Volunteer Drive

Recognizing the extreme value that volunteers and their efforts contribute to the quality of life in the village, the Village of Chatham is currently accepting nominations for the annual honorary naming of Volunteer Drive; the road that winds through Community Park.

Beginning in 2017, the Village has honored one resident who is a leader and volunteer in the local community by designating this street with their name. Previous recipients of this honor, and members of this year’s selection committee, were Rollo Saucier (2017), Jane Hay (2018) and Diane VanderKooy (2019), Les Morgan (2021), and Tracy Formea (2022). Honoring the exceptional commitment made by the entire village as everybody navigated the uncertainty of the pandemic, the road was named for all residents in 2020, highlighting the unprecedented outreach and support shown by all corners of the community to get through the year together. It is anticipated that this year’s individual recipient will be named in July of 2023.

Village President, Dave Kimsey notes, “The benefit that our volunteers bring to the Village of Chatham can never be understated.  From contributions of knowledge and expertise on village boards and planning commissions, to time and labor to improving our parks and beautifying our village, to organizing and facilitating youth sports and group opportunities, all the way through the compassion in helping feed those in need and providing ancillary support services to families and our institutions, our volunteers form the bedrock of our community and are a critical component to the quality of life in our village.”

He continues, “Our village wouldn’t be the place that it is without the countless hours and efforts of the volunteers who continue to amaze and inspire with their commitment to Chatham and the ideals that we stand for. I look forward to this opportunity each year to highlight volunteerism and thank all of those that contribute so much of themselves to the betterment of our village. This program serves as strong reminder that volunteerism is a defining trait in the character of our community and the Village of Chatham recognizes and treasures this value of our residents.”

Nominations of an individual Chatham resident for this year should be sent by e-mail, along with a narrative as to why the individual is being nominated to Village Manager Patrick McCarthy at: before May 31, 2023.  Nominations may also be mailed to the Village of Chatham, Attention Patrick McCarthy, 116 East Mulberry Street, Chatham, IL 62629..