DAY 1 – Monday, March 4th Severe Weather Preparedness Week in Illinois Emergency Preparedness Bulletin – Receiving Warnings

As springtime is upon us, so too comes the possibility for severe weather events. Emergency Preparedness refers to the steps you take to make sure you are safe before, during, and after an emergency whether a natural disaster or man-made disaster. Emergency Preparedness is the process of planning for a disaster, prior to a disaster striking. This week is Severe Weather Preparedness Week in Illinois. A series of “Emergency Preparedness Bulletins” will be posted, as a means to help you better prepare yourself and your family for an emergency or disaster.

The first bulletin in this series discusses Receiving Emergency Alerts and Warnings. It is important to understand the Alert and Warning processes available to you and to make sure you have available to you, the means to get Emergency Alerts and Warnings. Attached, you will find an information paper that describes CIVIC Ready; Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEAs); Emergency Alert System (EAS); NOAA Weather Radio (NWR); and the FEMA App. Be sure to read through this informative document and begin your planning to ensure you have the ability to Receive Emergency Alerts and Warnings.

Your Link to the Village of Chatham Civic Ready:

Have a Great Day and Be Prepared.